Apr 30 • 38M

THE AFTERWORD | Work Hard, Rest Easy - Week 3

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David Tieche
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Title: THE AFTERWORD | Work Hard, Rest Easy - Week 3 - Money


In His teachings on money, it’s pretty clear that Jesus (and historically, the leaders of the early church) viewed money as a dangerous spiritual threat to people.  And in the Bay Area, money might be the most frequently worshipped god because it promises so many different things to different people.  Steve and Jay stop by to discuss why Jesus says to “be careful” and to “be on guard” against greed, why the spiritual rot of greed is nearly always invisible, and how two practices - generosity and transparency (which are radical and uncommon in not only our society, but also in our Christian circles) - can lead us to freedom.

Speakers: David Tieche + Jay Kim + Steve Clifford