May 7 • 40M

Work Hard, Rest Easy - Week 4

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David Tieche
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To be human is to have inferiority feelings, but the digital universe of social media presents an almost limitless potential for people to compare themselves against others.  And this easily leads to discontentment, with our place in the world.  With our perceived success.  With the amount of things we have, or don’t have.  Jesus, in Luke 12, warns us against this spirit of discontent, where we believe the myth that “more” will make us happy.  And as we see, with Jesus, contentment is not a passive acceptance of the status quo, but the positive assurance that God has supplied one’s needs (which frees us to be generous) and a reminder that God is faithful to supply us what we actually need (and be freed from unnecessary desires which frees us to be filled with gratitude).  


Steve Clifford (Saratoga), David Tieche (South Hills)

Bible Passages): 

Luke 12:13-21